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Our Process

We guarantee the quality and high standards of our products by following a strict process throughout the multiple stages of production, implementing the latest technologies for agribusiness to manage our operations, and using appropriate transportation systems for perishables.

Through our production of natural honey in our fields, we provide the perfect environment for bees to crosspolinate and thus help our plants be healthy and sturdy.

1. Growth

Our skilled team of agricultural engineers and field workers are engaged in every step of the growth process, which includes:

  • planting during rainy season
  • soil and crop density analyses
  • distances among grooves
  • irrigation system design
  • pruning plans
  • fertilizing schedule
  • plant health plans and brush controls that meet EPA and FDA standards

2. Harvest

We pay close attention to two critical aspects during the harvest period:

  • the right time for the fruit to be harvested
  • the fruit's handling, loading and delivery at the receiving facility in our packing plant





3. Selection

Our team at the packing plant ensures the quality of each fruit by examining in detail the following attributes: 

  • color
  • size
  • shape
  • firmness
  • rind condition and appearance
  • ripeness
  • weight
  • plague-free

4. Cleaning

We use conveyor systems where the fruit is washed by hand using pressure water spray systems. No chemicals are used during this process. The fruit is then set to dry out before moving to the packing stage.





5. Packing

At this stage we first pack the fruit mostly in 5 lb boxes, and then put them in pallets of of 154 or 165 boxes. We also pack in clamshells of 1 lb. We also use a bar coding system that provides valuable information to ensure the best quality. All our pallets are made out of certified treated wood.






6. Cold Storage & Shipping

We store the pallets in cold temperature (52º F) and it is shipped the day after the produce is packed. Our plant is located 3 hours from La Aurora international airport. We transport the pallets in refrigerated trucks at a temperature of 52º F.




Want to Talk to Us?


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4th Ave. 0-33, zone 1
Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango

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